¡Hola!... Hi there!... こんにちは!

I'm Nestor Alvaro

Here you can find a list with my latest developments

I created some projects for Mozilla dev derbi contest:

Touch Turntables

Task dragger


Orientation Maps

Orientation Tetris

Smooth queries

Locate it!

These are some other projects I did on my own:

Jose de Diego Actor

David Redomero Fotógrafo

Kanji game

Aye! meet you

Poker Helper

Online library

No DDBB web editor for this sample website

EAEC Shop (This is a sample version, not the real website)

Here there're a few projects and websites developed with colleagues at Monogatari

Site creator

Date reminder

Improcua (This is the original version of the website)

The Value Search Team

Jatiteca (This is the last version of the website)

Azuara Dental

El peor presidente


You can find me at:

Github, Twitter, Gmail...

Just look for me → I'm "nestoralvaro"