¡Hola!... Hi there!... こんにちは!

I'm Nestor Alvaro

Here you can find a list with my latest developments

I created some projects for Mozilla dev derbi contest:

Touch Turntables

Task dragger


Orientation Maps

Orientation Tetris

Smooth queries

Locate it!

These are some other projects I did on my own:

Kanji game

Aye! meet you

Poker Helper

Online library

No DDBB web editor for this sample website

EAEC Shop (This is a sample version, not the real website)

Here there're a few projects and websites developed with colleagues at Monogatari

Site creator

Date reminder


The Value Search Team

Jatiteca (This is a sample version, not the real website)

Azuara Dental

El peor presidente


You can find me at:

Github, Twitter, Gmail...

Just look for me → I'm "nestoralvaro"